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Specialist Coaching at Mick's SPI Elite Lab

The former Manchester United S&C Coach Mick Clegg is now offering personal training & private coaching at his SPI Lab in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Greater Manchester. Incorporating his seedofspeed philosophy he is available to top class athletes looking to expand on their current training programme or change their training routine. He can offer both long and short term advice after and in-depth one to one personal consultation at his fitness centre and gym.

Mick Clegg has spent most of his life helping others make the best of what they have and helping them then find even more. Working with children up to the most seasoned professional elite athletes, Mick in his career is one of the few who could really say he has seen it all, literally! Based in his Olympic Sports Gym and Sports Performance Innovation Lab in Ashton-Under-Lyne, this old building is deceiving in what it holds within. Boasting some of the most cutting edge training equipment available anywhere in the UK as well as a conventional gym, OSG caters for just about any type of fitness training you can conceive.

Mick's training routine and methods are unique, and highly individual for each person that comes through his door.  Not afraid to take a different direction, he has taken many top athletes to the top of their field. Aaron Cook (Taekwondo), Mike Eade (Kickboxing) are just 2 of the athletes that have hit gold since taking the first step inside Mick Clegg's gym.

During his career at the top Premiere League Club he coached and trained many world-class athletes and world class football players including Cristiano Ronaldo, Roy Keane, Gary Neville, David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs to name just a few.

Whilst at Manchester United. Mick became very interested in understanding speed development in relationship to power and strength. He wanted to understand the basis of speed and the best way to increase it. Working with the top-class athletes gave him unique opportunities in understanding the correlation between speed, power, strength and agility. It was during this time of understanding he began working with cognitive training.
Cognitive Training

"To further look into the relationship between the brain and athletics, myself and my eldest son Michael went to America to increase our knowledge of brain use in sport, especially in the area of speed. After analysing baseball, basketball, NLF, we attended some lectures by Dr Joe Dispenza who is a brain specialist as well as having a big interest in quantum physics. It was at this point myself and Michael put our minds together and focused the direction of our research as looking for the seed of speed. Once we had found the area where the seeds were planted then we embarked on a journey of stimulating the growth of the seeds to our present study entitled “How to produce a super powered brain for athletic performance. It was at this point we focused the direction of their research as looking for the seed of speed."

It was working with Cognitive ideas that formed the basis for the concept behind the Seed of Speed training methodology to attain speed, strength, endurance and flexibility which became a philosophy and history of the importance of speed reaction in sport.

Mick is the founder of the Seed of Speed Philosophy and the Director of Sports Performance Innovation, a company born out of his seed of speed ideology which focuses on advanced technologies from around the world in the area of elite athletic training. He is also a member of the scientific advisory board for CogniSens Athletics.

Mick left Manchester United in 2011 and went on to expand his Olympic Sports Gym complex to incorporate his Sports Performance Innovation lab to work on his Seed of Speed training methods. Top athletes such as Mike Eade, Kyle Howarth, Matt Gilks and Aaron Cook all train with Mick at his SPI lab under his Seed of Speed training methods.

The SPI Elite LabThe SPI Elite Lab

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